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I'm a total telly addict, if its on, I watch it. Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries are my main obsessions at the moment, but I'll always have a place in my heart for the old favourites like Charmed, Buffy and Alias.

I love writing fic, and making icons at the moment I'm experimenting with brushes made by:
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One of my ambitions is to be an author, but for the minute I'm quite satisfied to be an office worker until I feel my writing is up to standard to reveal to the public.

"I wondered how we could ever have been so young and unscarred, so absolutely untouched by life. I wondered how it could be that now we were so marked by it, and yet we looked, from the outside, so much the same. We had perhaps lost the absolute clear bloom of youth, that faintly unformed aspect to our faces. Our features had sharpened and grown defined, there were a few faint lines about our eyes, but from a distance, there was no difference. We carried our scars on the inside, and I thought suddenly it was strange, how it worked, that if you didn't tell anyone, they would never ever have known."
- Tania Kindersley :'Dont ask me why'

Life is made up of special moments, these are mine to share. If you dont like what you read, feel free to unfriend me.
If you decide to friend me, please leave a comment and I will friend you back. I like making new friends.

I find myself making more and more friends locked posts, and although my fandom related posts will usually be public, the posts related to things closer to home will usually be friends locked. I have a very relaxed friending policy at the moment, if you friend me I will friend back.

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